Tuesday, December 1, 2009



  1. nice job. I really like this one. it stands out from rest of your drawings. where are all the fishes by the way? haha jk:)

  2. Hi Soojin, thank you. How does it stand out?

    If you'd ever like me to draw or paint your portrait, or if you have any friends who would, just let me know. :)
    I hope you enjoyed your time at the aquarium. Did you?


  3. I just like this one because lines r blurry n indefinite so the object looks unreal, almost dream like. I really enjoyed my time at the aquarium n thank u for showing me n Alice around the aquarium:) I hope u weren't annoyed by all the weird things I said there lol hehe I'd love it if u can draw a portrait for me:) it'd b awesome!

  4. Ok, cool, I know what you mean, thanks.
    I enjoyed showing you guys around, and really liked talking to you. And I don't remember you saying anything weird.
    I would love to draw you, we could meet for coffee sometime if you'd like and work out the details.

    Oh, and if you have a blog, become a follower of my blog, and feel free to spread the word!
    See you,

  5. Yes I'd love 2 meet up sometime. U can contact me via e-mail n we can talk about it further. Hope to hear from u soon:)
    p.s.- check ur e-mail just in case u haven't read my mail yet